After graduating from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Management Engineering in 2004, Sina Demiral became fond of photography, celebrating his love of Istanbul in his photographs. Sina Demiral and his partner at the time, Özgür Çakır, two Istanbul lovers, had their very own exhibitions in 2007 & 2008. First exhibition of Istanbul's landscapes was called "Istanbul'da Photography Exhibition." In 2008, they made their second exhibition of Istanbul's melancholic aspects called "Melankolistanbul Photography Exhibition." Both exhibitions, "Istanbul'da" & "Melancholistanbul" with the glorifying and magical aspects of Istanbul mirrored in photographs, attracted the attention of the press and highly appreciated by the authorities . He also attended several mixed exhibitions, and his photographs has been used in several magazines, and Istanbul catalogues. Sina is actually interested in fashion and portrait photography and nowadays he is working freelance for magazines and doing his own photography projects.

+90 533 2470978

Istanbul / TURKEY